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Grow Your International Attendance

Made in the USA still has meaning around the world. The US is also still the largest consumer market on the planet. We will help your expo bring in the foreign buyers and sellers and increase your global reach.

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International Sales, Staff & Exhibitor Training

Does your staff know the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate? What a visa waiver country is? The difference between meters and feet and that a booth is a stand to the rest world (except Canada)? Let us teach your team the answers to these and a multitude of other facts to help them sell more space and keep the international clients and attendees you have.

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Tradeshow & Conference Consulting

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Let us help you!

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Exhibitor Training

ITI has helped literally thousands of exhibitors be successful - whether they are new-to-market or just fine-tuning their exhibiting skills. Services include Goal Setting,determining ROI and booth salesmanship.

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International Exhibit Space Sales Training

Sell More International Clients

International Exhibit Sales are not easy. Many U.S. show organizers who have tried using Global Sales Agents (GSA’s) subsequently ended up with award-winning horror stories…but still need to bring international exhibitors to their shows! Bringing the international exhibit sales in house is a natural option, but requires a different knowledge base and skill set to be effective.

ITI offers that specialized consulting and international sales skills development. Working with top management and sales people, we offer one and two day workshops guaranteed to help your organization understand the complexities of international relations and overcome the sales challenges inherent in the process.

ITI’s extensive international expertise helps your team develop a strategy designed to sell exhibit space and sponsorships while fostering deeper, long-term partnerships with GSA’s, foreign governments and associations as well as clients.

Despite the current Great Recession, the US is still the largest buying market in the world. Your organization’s international sales approach should be designed to maximize precious time and resources. It is important to note that international sales are based upon relationships and really do require time and patience to be effective. Contact us to start selling more today!

Half and Full Day Workshops Available!

All workshops are designed to be highly interactive. While the training is customized for each organization, all of them include:
Global Political and Cultural Education
The 5 biggest differences between doing business in the US and in other countries
Utilizing the US government to assist in the process Lead Generation
How to Sell Pavilions
Designing and Selling Sponsorships
Customer Service Post-Sale
Techniques for converting companies in Pavilions to their own proprietary booths
Role Playing

As your sales team begins the process, there will be questions and issues. Included with the workshops are aftercare consultations, the amount of time being based on whether it is a one or two day workshop package. ITI also offers retainers for ongoing consultations and training.

Management Buy-In and Training
One of the most overlooked components of a successful international sales plan involves top management participation. A junior salesperson will not be nearly as successful as someone with a Director, Vice President or President title when calling on Trade Commissioners, Consul Generals or other top brass. Engaging management in the sales process shows prospective international clients that your organization values its participation.

At the conclusion of each workshop, your team will have a roadmap for increasing international sales.

Contact us today for more information!