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Grow Your International Attendance

Made in the USA still has meaning around the world. The US is also still the largest consumer market on the planet. We will help your expo bring in the foreign buyers and sellers and increase your global reach.

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International Sales, Staff & Exhibitor Training

Does your staff know the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate? What a visa waiver country is? The difference between meters and feet and that a booth is a stand to the rest world (except Canada)? Let us teach your team the answers to these and a multitude of other facts to help them sell more space and keep the international clients and attendees you have.

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Tradeshow & Conference Consulting

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Let us help you!

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Exhibitor Training

ITI has helped literally thousands of exhibitors be successful - whether they are new-to-market or just fine-tuning their exhibiting skills. Services include Goal Setting,determining ROI and booth salesmanship.

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Steph's Travel Blog

January 17 2010
Blog part 2 - HK, Macau, Xian

Once we arrived in Hong Kong airport, Jo & I headed off to catch the ferry...

January 11 2010
Back in Asia! Been a year - and haven't noticed too many changes. Because I booked my plane ticket the week prior to leaving, had...

September 15 2009
Travel Blog, part 2 - Bristol/The Grove/Wiltshire/London

A two and a half hour drive through the still lovely and very green British countryside brought...

September 15 2009
Greetings from across the Pond! Spent 10 days exploring the South and West of England. I departed day 2 of what was to become the...

March 12 2009
Just returned from the Big Apple, New York where I had the pleasure of speaking to the NY IAEE Chapter . Actually started out in...

February 28 2009
I was in Las Vegas late last month and spent some time at the Las Vegas Convention Center where not one, not two, but THREE...

January 17 2009
The Nanjing train station. Got there 45 minutes before departure. Thought 'cool' no rush this time! Hmmm. Sea of people. We found a wall to...

January 16 2009
The CEFCO Conference begins. There are about 600 people attending and of that, maybe 40 are Westerners, some of whom live in Asia. The opening...

January 13 2009
Went back to the hotel, packed and said goodbye to Beijing and thanked Leslie profusely! Back to Terminal 3 to head to Shanghai. Through security,...

January 12 2009
Greetings from China! It's been awhile since I've been in Beijing and first trip post-Olympics. From here I head to Shanghai then Nanjing, back to...

January 06 2009
Miami Beach, FL. For IAEE
What is there not to love about Miami Beach? Sun, beautiful beaches, warm water, great bodies (male and female), many...

October 08 2008
The hot and humid summer world tour continued...this time to Acapulco, Mexico  AMPROFEC is the Mexican association for tradeshow organizers, venues and suppliers. Here�s some quick...

August 09 2008
First non-sequiter of the trip - hearing mariachi music in the car on the way into Hong Kong from the airport followed next by a...

August 09 2008
PowerTour: (verb) Seeing AND experiencing a crazy amount of landmarks in a relatively short amount of time. For example, taking the 3-day tour of Hong...

July 01 2008
Stephanie here reporting in from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada . How'd I end up here? Subbing for someone who was unable to teach a...

February 07 2008
Here's an interesting factoid: there is only one time zone in China . One. That's it. So dawn arrives somewhere around 8:30-9:00am in Chengdu and...

January 29 2008
Here goes the first travelogue of the year!

Back to China once more since I haven't been enough. Kind of scares me that...