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Grow Your International Attendance

Made in the USA still has meaning around the world. The US is also still the largest consumer market on the planet. We will help your expo bring in the foreign buyers and sellers and increase your global reach.

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International Sales, Staff & Exhibitor Training

Does your staff know the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate? What a visa waiver country is? The difference between meters and feet and that a booth is a stand to the rest world (except Canada)? Let us teach your team the answers to these and a multitude of other facts to help them sell more space and keep the international clients and attendees you have.

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Tradeshow & Conference Consulting

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Let us help you!

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Exhibitor Training

ITI has helped literally thousands of exhibitors be successful - whether they are new-to-market or just fine-tuning their exhibiting skills. Services include Goal Setting,determining ROI and booth salesmanship.

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International Attendance Blog

December 04 2014
Take some time next week at Expo! Expo! to learn how to put a little more of it back in your show.


September 18 2013
The federal government doesn’t get a lot of good press these days, but there are some really good services available to businesses—including exhibitions!


March 25 2013
I recently conducted a question-and-answer session with Denzil Rankine, executive chairman of AMR Internationa l, who will once again be master of ceremonies for the...

September 19 2012
A look back at the top 10 reasons to attend an exhibitions 25 years ago, and how things have changed.

I was cleaning...

July 29 2012
Partnerships oveseas can add a much-needed boost to sales and brand reach! Relationships with your overseas counterparts—trade shows, associations and trade media, will enhance...

May 10 2012
Small and new exhibitors, the entrepreneurs at your show, should be treated as the future rock stars of our industry—because they are!


March 19 2012
Earlier this week, out at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to present a session on “Branding -...

February 16 2012
Just when I thought the International Buyers Program was all talked out, I received an email last week from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial...

December 22 2011
A year-end collection of ideas culled from IAEE’s Expo! Expo!. Earlier this month, at the annual IAEE Expo! Expo!, I was fortunate to attend...

September 29 2011
Use it as part of a larger, more cohesive marketing campaign

July 14 2011
Just because a social media campaign works great here does not guarantee it will work overseas. Remember Chevy Nova in Mexico? No Va means ‘doesn’t...

June 16 2011
The IBP has greatly improved, but they can only do so much. Here's how you can help out.

April 21 2011
Previous blogs have touched on my feelings about making our international exhibitors and visitors feel important and sincerely welcomed to our exhibitions, conventions, conferences and...

March 03 2011
Use foreign embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce to fortify your exhibitor & visitor prospecting

February 17 2011
Checking out Trade Missions and Reverse Trade Missions can be beneficial for your exhibition or event.

A Trade Mission is a coordinated...

January 06 2011
According to Wikipedia, “Ugly American” is an epithet used to refer to perceptions of loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless and ethnocentric behavior of American citizens mainly...

November 10 2010
Experiential tactics to keep your international attendees coming back.

November 04 2010
First, find out which countries are well-represented by your attendees and exhibitors

October 28 2010
Videoconferencing can speed up the process

October 07 2010
Sign up with the International Buyer Program to Boost Attendance

August 17 2010
Your show doesn’t have to be huge to feel the impact of International. In fact, smaller shows can make it feel even more so!

August 12 2010
Remember, not everyone is on board with social media as the preferred communication method.

July 29 2010
Relationships with your overseas counterparts - tradeshows, associations and trade media will enhance your show’s global reach - resulting in more international exhibitors and visitors...

July 22 2010
Increasing your exhibition’s international numbers starts by matching goals to resources

Upping your international numbers is a great way to grow your...