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Grow Your International Attendance

Made in the USA still has meaning around the world. The US is also still the largest consumer market on the planet. We will help your expo bring in the foreign buyers and sellers and increase your global reach.

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International Sales, Staff & Exhibitor Training

Does your staff know the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate? What a visa waiver country is? The difference between meters and feet and that a booth is a stand to the rest world (except Canada)? Let us teach your team the answers to these and a multitude of other facts to help them sell more space and keep the international clients and attendees you have.

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Tradeshow & Conference Consulting

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Let us help you!

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Exhibitor Training

ITI has helped literally thousands of exhibitors be successful - whether they are new-to-market or just fine-tuning their exhibiting skills. Services include Goal Setting,determining ROI and booth salesmanship.

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International Management Blog

December 04 2014
Take some time next week at Expo! Expo! to learn how to put a little more of it back in your show.


December 18 2013
It’s the end of 2013. This is my last blog of 2013. YAY!

Writing a blog every week is tough. Coming...

November 20 2013
What do we learn from more—our successes or failures? Is there a place in your conference or tradeshow for attendees (and exhibitors and sponsors, too)...

October 22 2013
Dump the PowerPoints, motivational speakers and the aisles full of boring displays - and replace them with something exciting!

"Sacred cows make the...

October 02 2013
Denyse Selesnick was a pioneer in the exhibition industry and my business partner for many years.

As many of you know, my mom,...

September 25 2013
Remember Fun?

Friend and fellow ExpoWeb blogger Kai Hattendorf, vice president of communications, marketing and digital business at Messe Frankfurt, recently described exhibitions...

September 23 2013
What are you doing to incorporate and engage your first-time attendees?

I recently read in Exhibitor Magazine (April 2013) that 38 percent of...

September 11 2013
This week we remember the 3,000-plus lives lost in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania 12 years ago.

It brought to mind the...

August 21 2013
For those of you new to the expo industry, suitcasing and outboarding are considered thievery. There’s been a resurgence of the discussion on the subject...

July 31 2013
Here are a few things I’ll bet you never knew about the travel business, and why we should all be hitting the road immediately.

July 17 2013
If you’re thinking about taking any group of U.S. or Canadian exhibitors overseas, here are a few rules to keep in mind:


July 09 2013
Doing more than the basic market research—or, how many of you Google your shows?

I was on TripAdvisor the other day, checking out...

June 19 2013
This week marks the ExpoNext Conference and E.X.C.I.T.E awards. It also honors the Expo Elite, 50 remarkable exhibition professionals—in other words influencers in our industry....

June 04 2013
Competition is healthy, or so many say. It forces us to ramp up our game and deliver more high-quality buyers, better content in our educational...

May 14 2013
Should you have concurrent educational sessions during exhibition hours, or separate dedicated hours for each? Is your event a conference and exhibition, or an exhibition...

April 30 2013
I’m a rule breaker. A more accurate label would be rule questioner. I hate most rules, believing that, like many laws these days, they are...

April 26 2013
There are a few important things to remember when putting together your first international pavilion, I was reminded, Here are 15 of them.


April 23 2013
Most of us have heard of BRIC, right? Brazil, Russia, India and China. The acronym stood for THE Emerging markets. So what’s happened?


April 05 2013
This last week, in the midst of a 50-year blizzard, we brought a group of North American companies to the Harrogate Nursery Show, held for...

March 26 2013
Not very many US companies have ventured offshore, so it was big news when Hanley Wood said it was re-entering the international marketplace with its...

March 25 2013
I recently conducted a question-and-answer session with Denzil Rankine, executive chairman of AMR Internationa l, who will once again be master of ceremonies for the...

March 14 2013
There is only one person in our industry known worldwide by just his first name: Cherif.

With renewed interest in internationalizing exhibitions, I...

February 06 2013
Sean Guerre, the former president of the TradeFair Group , recently left the company he founded and then sold several years ago to Access Intelligence...

January 10 2013
On my recent vacation in Australia, I had a discussion about the state of the Aussie exhibition industry (among other things) with Jo-Anne Kelleway, CEO...

November 15 2012
Last week, I attended the UFI Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE to find where growth is coming from.

Last week, I attended the...

October 11 2012
In the world of producing exhibitions and conferences, we organizers and suppliers are sometimes guilty of wearing the fabled “Emperor’s New Suit.” We are all...

October 04 2012
What our industry will look like in 20 years.

A few weeks ago, EXPO featured an article on the “ Anti-Trade Show .”...

September 26 2012
Good enough” is the biggest deterrent to “Great.” What does your organization promote and reward? Good or great?

These questions were inspired by...

July 29 2012
Partnerships oveseas can add a much-needed boost to sales and brand reach! Relationships with your overseas counterparts—trade shows, associations and trade media, will enhance...

July 26 2012
Foreign exhibitors in US shows have good cause to think we are, collectively, nuts.

I presented an “International Expo Business Workshop” this week...

July 19 2012
I’m in Shanghai, China, this week visiting UBM Asia’s CBME show (Children, Babies, Maternity Expo) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is more...

May 31 2012
Does your organization serve your industry or leech from it?

1. Show Management. It all starts here.

Rocks: Top...

May 10 2012
Small and new exhibitors, the entrepreneurs at your show, should be treated as the future rock stars of our industry—because they are!


April 17 2012
Why not take a page from Apple's Retail Store "geniuses" and have experts available by appointment on your show floor to help attendees solve issues...

April 05 2012
The Big Takeaway for 2012: Digital is driving 24/7 engagement with clients—and is going to become even more important in the next few years

March 22 2012
Designing and growing a trade show or new segments—just like a garden—is both strategic and tactical.

The upcoming spring SISO...

March 19 2012
Earlier this week, out at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to present a session on “Branding -...

March 01 2012
What lessons have we learned from the Great Recession, and are we still remembering them as shows regain strength?

The way your organization...

February 16 2012
Just when I thought the International Buyers Program was all talked out, I received an email last week from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial...

December 22 2011
A year-end collection of ideas culled from IAEE’s Expo! Expo!. Earlier this month, at the annual IAEE Expo! Expo!, I was fortunate to attend...

October 20 2011
The hosted buyer model was in full effect

September 29 2011
Use it as part of a larger, more cohesive marketing campaign

August 04 2011
Venues in other countries are producing their own shows locally and around the world. What similar arrangements are happening here?

May 26 2011
Sometimes I wish the U.S. had one time zone

May 19 2011
The US is losing $859 billion in denying visas

April 21 2011
Previous blogs have touched on my feelings about making our international exhibitors and visitors feel important and sincerely welcomed to our exhibitions, conventions, conferences and...

April 07 2011
I had lunch this week with a longtime friend and colleague, Joey Queseda Cruz, CEM who is Operations Manager over at UBM-Canon. Joey’s worked and...

March 31 2011
We need our own 'got milk campaign now

March 24 2011
Despite bad publicity about Mexico in the press, the country is still a huge opportunity

March 17 2011
Recent events in Japan are felt close at home