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Grow Your International Attendance

Made in the USA still has meaning around the world. The US is also still the largest consumer market on the planet. We will help your expo bring in the foreign buyers and sellers and increase your global reach.

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International Sales, Staff & Exhibitor Training

Does your staff know the difference between an Embassy and a Consulate? What a visa waiver country is? The difference between meters and feet and that a booth is a stand to the rest world (except Canada)? Let us teach your team the answers to these and a multitude of other facts to help them sell more space and keep the international clients and attendees you have.

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Tradeshow & Conference Consulting

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Let us help you!

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Exhibitor Training

ITI has helped literally thousands of exhibitors be successful - whether they are new-to-market or just fine-tuning their exhibiting skills. Services include Goal Setting,determining ROI and booth salesmanship.

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Grow Your Business!

International Trade Information, Inc. is a long-time consultant to the worldwide exhibition industry. Whether it’s identifying new markets and bringing them to your national shows,  making social media understandable, conference/exhibition management, project work or sales training, ITI stands ready to help your organization grow your shows and events.

Globalization is no longer a future trend - it's happening now. Trade Shows and Conferences are still the most effective way for companies to enter new markets. In fact, most of the new growth for mature trade shows and conferences is from the international sector! 

ITI helps US-based trade show and event organizers internationalize their exhibitions, conferences and events. Using alliances and information - training your team on the nuances of hard currency-soft currency, addressing communication in a more formalized manner, to finding and cementing the right international partnerships, we help you grow your events!

Most organizations cannot afford a whole team trained and dedicated exclusively to international relations. Let ITI be YOUR Eye to Eye Contact to the World!

Expo Consulting

 Social Media & Coaching

ITI has years of experience launching and managing tradeshows around the US as well as off shore. We have experienced your pain! Need a extra hand at your show on site? Have a small (or large) project you cannot do in house? Let us help you!

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Intl Attendance & Exhibitor Promotion

 International Attendance Promotion

If you have a mature exhibition and need new attendees, why not bring in the international buyers? Want to grow your exhibit hall and shake things up? Bring in international companies looking to sell the largest consumer market in the world - the United States. ITI helps show organizers do both.

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 Webinars & Presentations

Next Presentations: March 1 & March 2, ASD Trade Show, Las Vegas, NV

Sourcing Destination Beyond China: New Up-and-coming Countries

Emerging markets in Southeast Asia and India are on the rise. Though China retains their leading position, they are not always the first choice. Today’s buyers are looking elsewhere to source products and/or get products made at a lower cost. In this session you will learn about some new emerging markets, current economic changes, and why companies are attracted to these emerging markets.

Doing Business in China: What Every American Needs to Know

Did you know there are over 160 cities in China with over 1 million people? Or that China is one time zone? It is! There are a tremendous number of differences in business culture between the US and China. This seminar covers important basics and nuances that will help you effectively negotiate and succeed with your Chinese counterparts and business associates.

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Thinking About China? Let Us Help!

 International Attendance Promotion

Looking to expand your exhibition to China? ITI is now the official US Sales Agent for SNIEC, the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre. 

It's the largest Western run, privately owned facility in the country with over 3.2 million square feet spread over 17 buildings. 

Let us help you! Contact ustoday for more information. 

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